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January 19th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Meo Hack, Programming,

Basic super program done in .net ( 2005 express), sqlite database (3) and about 7 millions of possible networks to use ;).

The program consists of a simple SQL query type: SELECT * FROM keys WHERE
A few seconds later comes the result, I've walked the playing on many networks and over 90% It gave no problems and these, poucas foram as que o router já não tinha a password de defeito da meo 🙁

I advise you (If you do not want the staff go to your network) correctly configuring your wireless network, just simply rename the network which makes it harder to use, but it's not impossible!

Returning to the program, had some errors in the database – Fixed thanks to a user – Obrigado “John”!
A suggestion would be to use a text file, but in windows is difficult and slower demand from the network, so I kept using the sqlite, but this time you must have the dll next to the exe (What causes the program to work in linux (with the mono)

Requirements (windows)

  • .net 2.0 (it comes pre installed on windows vista or higher)

Requirements (linux and mac – Although not tested)

  • mono runtimes installed
  • sqlite 3 installed

Download: Note that you need to download program and the database, and unpacks it to the same folder as the executable.

*EDIT 23-02-2010*

Finalmente Testado em MAC 🙂 e funciona super bem.

Recently descubri that sqlite dll's do not work on windows 7 64bits (relatively strange thing…) but here is the fix here, just uncompress the dll and replace the existing. Note that is a quick fix and only works on windows.

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bbPress & wordpress

January 15th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog

And ando I playing with forums…

It should have a forum post from home to work, mas não me apeteceu 😉
At the moment I'm playing with bbPress, a forum quite easy to use and with direct integration with wordpress, with the help of a plugin (both in wp and bb) that does synchronize data (post and related) from one side to the other…

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January 14th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Meo Hack

Primeiro post do ano 🙂

I withdraw the entire site to see the scripts and css's, Here lies the tar.bz2 (winrar opens) for those who want to have a look, includes tb of video of them advertising.

3 MB (and here all other files within the same folder).

If someone you desire to make a menu all dude, I am happy in the test, publish and support in everything that I possible.

Good “hack's” staff.