Thomson Keys – UPDATE

February 13th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Meo Hack

Recently traded a few emails with a person who showed me some information at least interesting:

Good! Was to warn that there already exists a tool able to exploit the vulnerability. More info here: (have to be registered in order to be able to see the forum topic) or here (in English):

I have not had time to read everything and test, but information-crossing is an interesting topic.

This person's profile:

Thomson TG784 TG787/SuperUser

February 10th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Meo Hack

I found this elsewhere, but like when I need them never remember, I decided to post here as well…

Router Meo* User: sumeo
* Password: m30acc355

* User: microuser
* Password: !C0nf16, M30

* User: Administrator
* Password: 3!play

At the moment I have a user who TG784 and unico does not work is the sumeo, other than that the micro user is excellent, back to back up the configurations of the router as the first that had – Should be a default option of all, because when it configures many ports among other things, gives very way you can save your settings to restore at the time of the exchange of router or simply when the MEO decides to make it a full reset.

January 19th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, Meo Hack, Programming

Novidades boas 🙂

THOMSON router key generator available online for all, and once again I have to thank the whole team of, with the support of them still with my site and some nonprofit projects (and without spending money I don't have).

Once again I thank all those who have supported me and I ask who like my site that give me a small support…

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Thanks –

January 3rd, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Meo Hack

I want to thank the because I offer the features that need to continue with this simple site…

13StudioHost - Alojamento Web Profissional

Without any doubts that have a good service, fast, nacional 🙂 e neste momento de borla para mim 🙂

Vou terminar o upload da base-de-dados dos routers thomson e daqui a um ou dois dias já estará disponível para todos usarem e recuperarem as vossas passwords esquecidas 😉

Thomson WIFI Pass Remember

October 29th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Meo Hack

There was already a site where we could get the keys lost the routers THOMSON, but had a limit too stupid (by IP)…

I updated my Base-of-data to have routers 2010 (except those with new algorithm), and is online, but still won't provide in General, need to do some tests.

It is at this time that I am speaking of the worst, to get it to work I have to pay about $ 120 per year if someone would like to contribute, or someone wants to offer a VPS I accept gladly, within a short time I'm thinking of creating some interesting services…

See You Soon.

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Files from “Meo first hack”

October 25th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Meo Hack

The Ficehros who speak at are available here:

A943C930d01.pdf – 1.4 MB
MEO-Tiago .rar – 19.6 MB
meoms_v1.tar.bz2 – 2 KB
meoms_v2.tar.bz2 – 3 KB – 459 KB – 2.7 MB – 3.2 MB – 10 KB – 2.9 MB
meostreambyhurley.rar – 6 KB

NOTE: If any of these files is illegal, ask to be contacted to proceed immediately to their removal (I'm only doing a mirror of them without even having opened)

<a href =”” target = _blank>A943C930d01.pdf – 1.4 MB</the><br/>
<a href =”″ target = _blank>MEO-Tiago .rar – 19.6 MB</the><br/>
<a href =”″ target = _blank>meoms_v1.tar.bz2 – 2 KB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank>meoms_v2.tar.bz2 – 3 KB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank> – 459 KB</the><br/>
<a href =”″ target = _blank> – 2.7 MB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank> – 3.2 MB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank> – 10 KB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank> – 2.9 MB</the><br/>
<a href =”” target = _blank>meostreambyhurley.rar – 6 KB</the><br/>

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At last – Thomson WIFI KEYs – New BD

October 22nd, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Debian, Intranet and Internet, Linux, Meo Hack

Finalmente 🙂

Finally've rebuilt the database cryptographic key wifi router thomson to include manufactured in routers 2010
Atneção that many are not supported because the algorithm has changed… If anyone knows of anything relating to this subject…

‘Hostei’ the files on a file server so as not to take up my valuable host space, para poderem sacar mais rapido registem-se 😛 aqui:

Soon I will build a site of low resources (for mobile phone) to access this database, But how do they imagine this sai-Pocket me, Why, If someone want me to offer a few euros I thank, or if it is just a single euro (Who give me donations will soon have an offer)


ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part5.rar – 34.8 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part5.rar – 35.9 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part5.rar – 35.5 MB

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Thomson keygen-new

January 19th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Meo Hack, Programming,

Basic super program done in .net ( 2005 express), sqlite database (3) and about 7 millions of possible networks to use ;).

The program consists of a simple SQL query type: SELECT * FROM keys WHERE
A few seconds later comes the result, I've walked the playing on many networks and over 90% It gave no problems and these, poucas foram as que o router já não tinha a password de defeito da meo 🙁

I advise you (If you do not want the staff go to your network) correctly configuring your wireless network, just simply rename the network which makes it harder to use, but it's not impossible!

Returning to the program, had some errors in the database – Fixed thanks to a user – Obrigado “John”!
A suggestion would be to use a text file, but in windows is difficult and slower demand from the network, so I kept using the sqlite, but this time you must have the dll next to the exe (What causes the program to work in linux (with the mono)

Requirements (windows)

  • .net 2.0 (it comes pre installed on windows vista or higher)

Requirements (linux and mac – Although not tested)

  • mono runtimes installed
  • sqlite 3 installed

Download: Note that you need to download program and the database, and unpacks it to the same folder as the executable.

*EDIT 23-02-2010*

Finalmente Testado em MAC 🙂 e funciona super bem.

Recently descubri that sqlite dll's do not work on windows 7 64bits (relatively strange thing…) but here is the fix here, just uncompress the dll and replace the existing. Note that is a quick fix and only works on windows.

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January 14th, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Meo Hack

Primeiro post do ano 🙂

I withdraw the entire site to see the scripts and css's, Here lies the tar.bz2 (winrar opens) for those who want to have a look, includes tb of video of them advertising.

3 MB (and here all other files within the same folder).

If someone you desire to make a menu all dude, I am happy in the test, publish and support in everything that I possible.

Good “hack's” staff.

Meo Hack

July 24th, 2009 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Meo Hack

Since some time I have tested will be ways you can move content from your pc to the tv box from meo…

The easiest way that I tested was controlling the dns requests with a dedicated machine, but it is not very practical. Another way is with the ethercap for doing dns spoofing, but also don't think so too do…

Today I remembered to use some features of the router, Address filtering and, I remembered to test one thing… AND IT WORKED :).

In the routers thomson:

Beginning > Tools > Parental control >Address-based filtering

meter in the first field->

in the field of action-> Redirect

in the last field, the address of a web server running máquica with.

The rest is equal, This step saves ethercap usage or other methods for dns spofar.

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