Online TV – google code

December 18th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, Linux, Programming, TV Online,

Online TV on google code.

For those who want to source code (functional), but those who want to test download here:

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Source code for watch tv online without advertising

November 14th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, TV Online,

As was already mentioned, with the lack of time and support stopped the development of this program, but now it is available the source code for all ...
If someone has a desire to continue development and want to online space to advertise the program and to share with the world, I offer.

Download Online TV (source code)

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OnLine TV (v

July 30th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, TV Online,

First version publishes the work 🙂 Online TV (without advertisements and waste)

It is still in testing, and so this version works only during 2 weeks. I will continue to improve and try to add more channels.

You can download the setup here or here , are 1 MB. To run you need to have the dotNET FrameWork 2.0 installed (all Windows vista or higher) and the flash player for IE.

I appreciate comments and suggestions for improving the program and, donations are also useful…

TV Online – 1th Demo

July 28th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, TV Online,

I am pleased to make available the first version of this program

It's just a demo, with only 3 channels and with a time limit for implementation of 10 minutes, soon I will list all channels….

Before I forget, This program requires that you have the dotNET 2.0 installed (Windows Vista and later already have) and, that you have the flash player installed for internet explorer. Not yet tested on linux, but should work

Continues to follow my site for more news

(hostado in – If you need premium accounts cheapest comes into contact with me)

Tv online free!

July 27th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Debian, Intranet and Internet, Linux, Programming, projects, TV Online,

I'm almost finished this fabulous program and, need some staff to the test… If you are interested, send an email to with your information and why you are interested

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Briefly see TV online without having to open hundreds of pop-up ads

July 26th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, projects, TV Online

Would you like to watch TV online for free? and without having to see a bunch of pop-up ads?


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In Barometric Sensor Ethershield

February 13th, 2012 by Fábio Souza | In: Arduino, Arduino, ATMEGA, ATMEL, Electronics, Intranet and Internet, Programming

This is a preliminary test of a barometric sensor connected to an Arduino board with homemade ENC28j60, that allows you to read the atmospheric pressure in real time using I2C in PA (Pascal) from the point where. It also makes reading of temperature. Is a strong candidate to get in several projects intended for meteorology home.

With Ethershield barometric sensor


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October 18th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Linux

A year later (and some loose change misspent)… Now is the time to renew one of my micro vps, This was in

According to them, all services have a guaranteed uptime 99.9% – A huge lie – My machine had an uptime of less than 90% (at home I have better)

This simple post only serves as negative publicity to the worst host I have ever had the pleasure to pay and, Besides the machine constantly losing connection, net connection was slow, normally the maximum that could was a measly 600kapas per second…

Missing 2 days to have to make payment of the annuity, I tried to get in touch with their support, a few days later was told the ticket (that I scored as urgencia) and say it was all ok to test the server, I was impossible because once again it was off, I returned the answer and today, past one 4 or 5 days the ticket was closed for inactivity without me were given a reply…

Final evaluation: -1 (0 the 20) – Don't have decent customer support, don't have decent services, There are a number of free services to pay better than this!

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Homemade Arduino with ENC28J60

September 7th, 2011 by Fábio Souza | In: Arduino, Arduino, ATMEGA, ATMEL, Blog, Electronics, Intranet and Internet, Programming

After I complain of my Arduino Duemilenove due to lack of current to power other devices, I decided to build my own in perforated plate, with a 20 MHz crystal, an LM317 1A and a bus to connect ENC28J60. The part belonging to the Arduino occupies as much or less than the original PCB.

Below is the part of the Arduino to function in full, with a FTDI USB to RS232 and external power supply.

Homemade Arduino test


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January 19th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, Meo Hack, Programming

Good News 🙂

THOMSON router key generator available online for all, and once again I have to thank the whole team of, with the support of them still with my site and some nonprofit projects (and without spending money I don't have).

Once again I thank all those who have supported me and I ask who like my site that give me a small support…

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