WEP keys and WPA by defect in routers MEO

May 28th, 2009 by Miguel Ferreira | Posted under Intranet and Internet.

I found some info on this for a while, but just yesterday I decici to do something, a small database (less than 200 megas) and is already, net membership for free on most muitoa sites. Of course only if the key is the default routers 😉

A few Links of interest:



As for my program:


Basically has a huge database with combinations of SSID + Network key, just found a bug, If the network is something like”Thomson02xxxx” (begins with a zero) to make the search has to take the zero, tested on my router, My neighbor's in and in a few more and they all worked.

— I can already have net in more places 🙂

But I am not going to offer source code nor direct nor the database, because I know that many would just use to do harm to the owner of the router.

This type of info (I do not consider the manufacturer's fault) only serves to show us how much PT/MEO fail, because in 99.99% of cases don't change/teach to change the keys of the networks and not even a decent manual deliver to the customer.

PS: ' Steal’ net is not legal, but as the meo has no limits does not hurt to spend half a dozen megs of any client, but I advise you to check your networks, because if you want to prevent someone use it without knowing you, not that ye fassa difference at the end, But why not everyone is like me: -“net for free is cool to see porn.”

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