My Homemade Arduino

As my old arduino was sold (for wine or for something useful), I decided to do a 100% compatible but without the bugs that I had…

As you can see I am using a ZIF Support greater than the ATMEGA328, but this was only because the media 28 PIN cost around 3 the 5 euros (in ebay) and at the time I bought 2 of 40 pins for less than 2 euros.

The Regulator (LM7805), the Crystal (20MHz) and the led is also on media fast, so if you want to do other tests can change fast (for example to change a atmega8 the MHz to 3.3 v).

But also there are very bad welds, but the culprit was my kitten, He does not leave the cervix while working, but this was only fitted to the desenrasque, soon I will make a more beautiful (Although it's not what I want, little I care if it is beautiful or not what I care about is be functional)

This board I think still can call Arduino because is ugly, bad DNS query and not always works well, the next will be a Development Board for AVR's (ATMEGA8/168/328).

My Homemade Arduino

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