Finally vacation 🙂 (Yes I am student) Now I have some time to further develop the weather station and make a decent and NIMH battery charger cheap. If anyone has ideas or comments on any of these subjects… Smart Charger NIMH/LIPO/NICD/ETC.. Based on ATMEGA8 / 168/328 As for the station, already know information about […]

OnLine TV (v

First version publishes the work 🙂 Online TV (without advertisements and waste) It is still in testing, and so this version works only during 2 weeks. I will continue to improve and try to add more channels. You can download the setup here or here , are 1 MB. To run you need to have the dotNET FrameWork 2.0 installed […]

Thomson Keys – UPDATE

Recently traded a few emails with a person who showed me some information at least interesting: Good! Was to warn that there already exists a tool able to exploit the vulnerability. More info here: (have to be registered in order to be able to see the forum topic) or here (in English): = 1 # post213572 Best regards I haven't had it yet […]

New Server / News

I'm testing new server (paid by me) for this website and a few other projects, faster, more space and, without doubt much more expensive. In recent days I finished another phase in the development of meteorological stations, each time they are more complete and complex and to operate with fewer problems (taking into account the lack […] – Not recommended…

A year later (and some loose change misspent)… Now is the time to renew one of my micro vps, This was in according to them, all services have a guaranteed uptime 99.9% – A huge lie – My machine had an uptime of less than 90% (at home I have better) This simple post serves […]

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