Computer Networks

Need to create a computer network for your company or simply for your home?

  • Simple networks (only with 2 or 3 computers)
  • Business networks

Implement, re-harness computer networks

  • With or without servers
  • Windows or linux

Provided always that if says: “On the save is the gain” – Couldn't agree more, If you plan to install a server on your company or simply in your home for more protection against numerous virus, sites that we install programs and malicios all this garbage that we have onLine… Install a server on Linux will be a good solution. But like everything what little is known is considered a bixo 7 Heads, usually companies choose to use Windows. Have you seen how much the operating system only? When it comes to maintenance, both linux as windows are by the same cost, then why not opt for a much cheaper solution? Only if you can hold on maintaining, few are the technicians who have enough knowledge to do so. Already use (personally) linux as a server for a few years and the vast majority of host companies use (even Microsoft itself). Ask! Almost everything, If not all the same what you have on windows has in linux.

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