Linux – Not recommended…

A year later (and some loose change misspent)… Now is the time to renew one of my micro vps, This was in according to them, all services have a guaranteed uptime 99.9% – A huge lie – My machine had an uptime of less than 90% (at home I have better) This simple post serves […]

FreeBasic and RS232

Boas tardes, in recent times I've dedicated myself a little programming in FreeBasic ( and, one of the programs I did was to send messages through a GSM modem (mobile phone, Broadband stick, etc), but it had always a problem, If by chance the COM port that the program caused error, e como […]

Linux – apt-get with proxy

How many, I also never recall some basic things in linux, as I have been testing some virtual machines and how they are basically all the same, one solution is to pass the requests of these by a proxy, but as? No longer reminded me of how to configure apt to use a proxy, procurei no […]

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