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October 18th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Linux

A year later (and some loose change misspent)… Now is the time to renew one of my micro vps, This was in

According to them, all services have a guaranteed uptime 99.9% – A huge lie – My machine had an uptime of less than 90% (at home I have better)

This simple post only serves as negative publicity to the worst host I have ever had the pleasure to pay and, Besides the machine constantly losing connection, net connection was slow, normally the maximum that could was a measly 600kapas per second…

Missing 2 days to have to make payment of the annuity, I tried to get in touch with their support, a few days later was told the ticket (that I scored as urgencia) and say it was all ok to test the server, I was impossible because once again it was off, I returned the answer and today, past one 4 or 5 days the ticket was closed for inactivity without me were given a reply…

Final evaluation: -1 (0 the 20) – Don't have decent customer support, don't have decent services, There are a number of free services to pay better than this!

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Nokia LCD 3510 Interface with PIC18F

October 3rd, 2011 by Fábio Souza | In: Arduino, Electronics, PIC, Programming

When a mobile phone crashes in terms of software and even some hardware There are parts that can be used for experiments or for projects, in particular the LCD's, saving yourself some money.

The aim is to use an LCD from a Nokia 3510 connected to a microcontroller for information visualization, as done in previous experience, in a Nokia LCD 1100.

It is assumed that this controller is prepared both for the LCD 3510 ( screen with shades of gray), as well as the 3510i (the colors), According to this site.

Look for the welds made in contacts. It is a meticulous and work something that quite calm, as well as a low-power iron (14W) so as not to damage the contacts and the plastic membrane.


LCD flat cable soldier



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