Meo Hack

Since some time I have tested will be ways you can move content from your pc to the tv box from meo…

The easiest way that I tested was controlling the dns requests with a dedicated machine, but it is not very practical. Another way is with the ethercap for doing dns spoofing, but also don't think so too do…

Today I remembered to use some features of the router, Address filtering and, I remembered to test one thing… AND IT WORKED :).

In the routers thomson:

Beginning > Tools > Parental control >Address-based filtering

meter in the first field->

in the field of action-> Redirect

in the last field, the address of a web server running máquica with.

The rest is equal, This step saves ethercap usage or other methods for dns spofar.
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Meo Hack

73 thoughts on “Meo Hack

  1. This solution is excellent. I'm just not able to see the movie. Acedo in box to the frog and rises only a white screen with the phrase “It Works!”. Will be the location of the movie?
    Can you tell me which folder of Apache on windows vista is that it puts the movie?!

  2. Thanks Miguel

    But the config files that have changed during the installation of Apache (index.html; video.js, etc) just puts them within this XAMPP, or install the XAMPP and keep the apache installed?


  3. Ruca: These files are not settings are cool… apache conf settings are., httpd.conf… Uninstall apache, install XAMPP (for example), you open the htdocs folder… Erases everything what there is and only after metes such index, video…etc…

  4. Discave
    Obrigado. Already tested and exactly how to say. The video is now also the pump perefitamente.
    Is there any way to send to box, or make available to select in a list type menu, a series of contents?
    Another question. It is possible to have control over the video while it is running? Type pause, next, retreat…

    1. Ruca: already more than I get, I never managed to get video working, do not send your order to me keres I check? As the menus and stuff like that, of course if you can, It was the last thing that I've been ' play ', but still I do not understand very well with java script that supports boxed. In relation to the play and pause, I think that by java script is also supported

  5. Hi Miguel

    Because to test just using one of those sample videos that come with Vista, the Lake, the Butterfly or the Bear. You will see that it plays smoothly.
    About such menus. How does that work? You already have something done?

  6. Good nights …
    td bem?

    My doubt is this on my server where I have apache just for an index.html in the root of that folder…
    the problem is that on my router thompson is need to indicate the port 8080 type…
    But the said whose(MeoBox) do not access… Ixo Exprementei do my network on another pc and have ke indicate the port for me to see the index of apache…

  7. Good,
    I've got this working but while I have address filtering redereccionar the frog to my pc the router passes and x in x time restarts!! Type of half hour, or 10 in 10 min. More someone with this problem?

    1. Welcome to the world of me lol, This is our daily bread, is bug in firmware, I had this problem when using tb, I got to speak with the support of thomson and they told me that they had never heard of this problem in their routers, only with firmware changed for me is that did that

  8. Good miguel
    This Christmas I was offered an asus MyCinema-PE6300 Hybrid and what was the first thing to test? Meobox clear.
    More I can inform you that write the contents but the view/record.
    Also come to communicate to those who will have to run to the store that the rental content, Do Not Give, Since there is a thing called Macrovision that blocks the signal. Is type k AnyDVD releases but for live image.
    I hope to have contributed,


    1. Also come to communicate to those who will have to run to the store that the rental content, Do Not Give, Since there is a thing called Macrovision that blocks the signal. Is type k AnyDVD releases but for live image.

      Don't quite understand… is ke I by chance have recorded some leased content…

  9. Hello Miguel.

    Ja went over the part of black screen, but now what happens is that when it looks like it will give something, After the screen turns white,

    do http://localhost/ and la seem to view all files for the video and can give…

    sera that me can help?

    Thank you.

  10. Good Miguel, the genero, I rented a movie through the videoclub and the image passes to the pc.
    Gives in all , by chance it was the 100 back the first experience and I can only see 1 second image on each 10 seconds, searched the net and I saw somewhere that is the macrovision anti-piracy model

  11. Good,
    Black screen, or sound reproduction should only have to do with the resolution. I had some “black screens” When I tried to play some videos that had already in wm9, After a considerable reduction in the resolution there I could see something. Play with the resolution of the videos and eventually we will therefore give.


  12. I followed the steps and got to see videos.
    I used XAMPP. I even made a menu with several videos to choose as the paragraph in which you upload(0 the 9) but with a cadto more work until it makes a serious type menu-arrows> ok and choose.
    Be careful with firewalls, Open the door 80, but the box doesn't have access.

    In the footsteps(on top) just missing after:
    Beginning > Tools > Parental control >Address-based filtering

    You have a checkbox that you can activate to do the redirection

  13. I can not do is pause.

    What we're watching on the box is a page hosted on our server with an object of type “video/x-ms-iptv” with the way our video. I can change this path starting from the beginning the new video.

    Still have not managed to discover the functions javascript to do pause in this subject.
    If it were “video/x-ms-wmv” was simple.

    1. I therefore figured, the type of the object is only for the box power play, because seeing the original site, they use a small video?? (wmv) and is "video/x-ms-iptv"… I'll try to read the scripts of them (the meo/frog) to see if I can find something about it

  14. I used XAMPP, deleted everything that was in the htdocs folder and I put my files.

    *EDIT MiguelFerreira *
    for those who do not want to withdraw from mega, Here's another url
    *EDIT MiguelFerreira *

    She still wouldn't do a whole menu foo, so I put this only gives to 10 movies (0 the 9)

    Replace in html file by ip.

    I converted the video with the “WinAVI Video Converter 8.0”, not noticed in the settings, but not changed anything so it was with those who were by default.

  15. Hi Miguel, Not realized well…
    I put this link in the html file? rather than the name of video.wmv??
    Now I have another question..
    Whenever I do this in smaller control redirection.
    My Meo(net and tv) It gets a little tricky..
    The net begins to slow everything goes down several times, and worse, is that if I remove it and put as was everything in the same everything slow and the net to go down and the tv. and the only solution to return to normal is to reset the router Leela…
    Do you know why this?

    1. Doxy: you have an html and a js that makes reference to the video, If the url-substituires mms:// can you test.
      And also know of this bug that if activating the smaller control, According to meo, This does not happen lol, but according to the manufacturer, has to do with the firmware be customized to meo, the only effective solution is to install a dns server dhcp (something like a linux machine with a dnsmasq)… If you have an old pc at home, You can use it as a server… I in my case, have a great PENTIUM 3 @ 733 with 256 ram… It is the proxy server, web, mail, firewall via bridge and also serve for testing of sites that create (among other things).

  16. Good doxy, with the solution of using a server on the network, you don't need to use anything from the ettercap…
    just that instead of using the router uses the dhcp server… for example a dnsmasq 🙂
    I will try during the next days to create a tuturial for t a basic server for this, among other things…

  17. Thank you friend miguel..

    Then says anything…
    Already now it is possible to configure the motorola box (2th box) by wireless instead of being with network cable?

    Thanks buddy

  18. as the House is small the signal is strong…

    Do you know how to configure? Thus began the test..

    It is true, and may I have two more questions…

    You can pass the recordings to pc?

    Gives to do CS with the meo box?


  19. doxy, can you connect a client access point? just do this and in principle is the work.
    To pass the recordings for the PC that I know of so far, just as I, capture card or a multimedia station with ability to record from scart input.
    “Gives to do CS with the meo box?” <- explains that I don't reach (sleep can be)

  20. Hello Miguel.. Okay?

    What do you mean by AP as client? Can you explain to me??

    In this regard: “Gives to do CS with the meo box?” <- explains that I don't reach (sleep can be)"

    Referring was to make Cardsharing with meobox…


  21. Allô Miguel..
    Everything is fine… Yes and not only card sharing…
    Wanted for example share my tv with someone that could do with meobox??
    I know that gives and with these satellite?
    Thanks for the help..
    as I browsed through the link I te thanks punchlines..
    So from what I understand.. When the access point you have leagues for the mac adress and so it gets connected to the net by wireless is this?

  22. so far as I know, the only two ways to share channels to which you have access is to spend by a TV capture card… or via vpn, If someone call you (a home server) vpn, and connect the box by this binding, will have access to the same que tu… but seen in up to just have twins 1mega, should not be functional even

  23. Hello miguel.. Okay?

    How will those adventures with the meo?

    Looks, I wanted to make you a question..

    You can, for example, buy a box meo on ebay, get home connect to the network and run?


    1. Good doxy, at the moment my adventures walk in Invoicing… (02 RPD XP SP3) 🙁
      But according to them, You may not use any box that are not payable, but I know (I) a box of meo (According to them a pirate box) working smoothly, but as they don't sell box's only rent the equipment is always them IE., You can't have a box meo the more at home unless it is ' stolen '.

  24. Actually the invoice is not friendly..
    But look at them they download tightens the invoice.. I already did that..
    Because the invoice with the ivas is always quite expensive..

    Thanks for your reply.
    I found one on sale on olx and on ebay..
    A not to do business, and another was too expensive..
    But do you know of any “Pirate” or clone for sale?

    You know I did this question, because I heard some “zuns zuns” they blocked the Center boxes by mac address. And only the mac address of each box meo is that worked.


    1. My prob on the invoice is payable the days I don't have service.. but I think I have been resolved-ready…
      As they blokarem macs and related, It is possible to, Although never seen it working… as for clones 🙁 I think nothing yet they use proprietary systems too blocked, it may be that as soon as the system leaves to be able to see on the pc some doors open 🙂 but, for all I know, all boxes are property of them meo… or you can't use alugas or alleged

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