Thomson Keys – IPHONE/LINUX

Well, I have to go see some things related to IPHONES…

Like us that are unlocked are running linux, to have net membership for free you only need a simple script and the database of the keys…

#!/bin/shecho Use:
echo $0 0940343
echo SSID: Thomson08767 ...
echoecho $0 Network name without Thomsonechoif [[  $1 != "" ]]; thenecho the Network Procurarecho | Sql3 ThomsonKeys Passsqlite. <<EOFselect * from THOMSON where SSID LIKE ' $ 1 ' LIMIT 1;

As you can see, is simple, just install sqlite (v3) and run


and he will find the net in database displays the password.

Script for Linux and Iphone thomsonkeys-sh

Program in (windows .net 2.0) thomsonkeys-vb

Just missing the database 😉

Thomson Keys – IPHONE/LINUX

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