USBtinyISP AVR Atmel

An excellent way to reprogram Arduinos, among others…

Already bought a few months valiant this programmer, It costs about 15 €, Although you can find between 10 and 40, but decided to purchase where trust and, the past two weeks came, everything ok and functional, the first test I did was with my ' old’ Arduino UNO (We have already dispatched for some time).

Main advantages (in my opinion):

  • You can update the Bootloaders of Arduinos
  • Don't waste the space occupied by the Bootloader
  • Does 100% with the arduino IDE (great for schedule)

You can check out the features here:

With some practice I started to program directly the MCU's with this programmer, without any doubt that it is faster and more reliable, soon I will by more articles related both with this programmer as with ATMEGA / ARDUINOS.

If you are interested in getting this programmer, contact me

USBtinyISP AVR Atmel

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