Donations… Need-if!

Unfortunately in this day and age everyone asks for donations, even without that depend on them, This is not the case.

This site is ' hostado’ in 13StudioHost,Once again I thank them by great favor that make me, but also for the good service that has (administer other sites on their servers and tastes great).

13StudioHost - Alojamento Web Portugal



Returning to the subject… As you all know to keep a site it costs some money and without support is complicated, as I must have repaired, I have been testing some ads to see how much they were paying… The end of the day on 10 years must offer to pay for a year of field. So I would ask for some readers to make a generous donation, If they are owners of a site, a blog or a company I would be happy to post here a link, or offer some of my time in services.

I accept donations by PayPal or Bank Transfer (for this please contact me).

Thank you for the time and by donations.

Miguel Ferreira – miguelferreira(at)miguelferreira(dot)net

Donations… Need-if!

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