Homemade Arduino with ENC28J60

After I complain of my Arduino Duemilenove due to lack of current to power other devices, I decided to build my own in perforated plate, with a 20 MHz crystal, an LM317 1A and a bus to connect ENC28J60. The part belonging to the Arduino occupies as much or less than the original PCB.

Below is the part of the Arduino to function in full, with a FTDI USB to RS232 and external power supply.

Homemade Arduino test

The ATMEGA328p was programmed with the tiny AVR ISP with the Arduino bootloader to operate at 20 MHz. The following is the implementation of the socket to accommodate the former ET-MINI Board with the ENC28J60, one of the first plates to use this integrated:

Homemade Arduino with Enc28J60

This is for the time being the final aspect of the Board, using the example of displaying a Web page with a Maxim's 1wire temperature sensor, the DS18B20. Underneath the ENC are other integrated such as EEPROM and a RTC. Below is the temperature display on a Web page generated by Arduino :

Web page with sensor reading

Ass: Fábio Sousa

Homemade Arduino with ENC28J60

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