Source/battery charger for 12V 12A (16The peak)

Simple charger and power supply… The circuit is based on LM317 as voltage source (adjustable to a fine-tuning of load voltage)

The circuit is simple, but due to the currents involved used a perforated plate more robust (our offer of heading eng Electronics ).

For those who wonder the motive being to use only 1 Schema TIP32, simple just not to complicate, because on the Board are to be at least 4 to support the current that in this case I need, could use another transistor, but because you cannot find 3 different for higher currents, decided to use this that besides cost little is very easy to find to buy.

As is obvious to this charger thank Fabio for help :).

Source/battery charger for 12V 12A (16The peak)

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