USBasp ISP with ATmega8

The circuit is a homemade ISP using an ATmega8 with USB communication and software that allows to program AVR microcontrollers more (ATmega, ATiny) to be used as Arduino, an eco-mode. It is good to always have a backup programmer as a plan B The schematic and firmware can be seen here. Below are pictures of the experience. […]

True low cost arduino

With half a dozen euros is an arduino, stable and functional. Bill of material: – 1 ATMEGA328p – 1 16 MHz Xtal – 1 USB2Serie Some rigid wires A white plate of experiments and everything is done 🙂 I haven't figured out the exact amount this cost me yet, but I plan to put all these pieces together […]

In Barometric Sensor Ethershield

This is a preliminary test of a barometric sensor connected to an Arduino board with homemade ENC28j60, that allows you to read the atmospheric pressure in real time using I2C in PA (Pascal) from the point where. It also makes reading of temperature. Is a strong candidate to get in several projects intended for meteorology home. […]

Nokia LCD 3510 Interface with PIC18F

When a mobile phone stops working in terms of software and even some hardware there are parts that can be used for experiments or projects, in particular the LCD's, saving yourself some money. The aim is to use an LCD from a Nokia 3510 connected to a microcontroller for information visualization, as done in a […]

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