At last – Thomson WIFI KEYs – New BD

finally 🙂

Finally've rebuilt the database cryptographic key wifi router thomson to include manufactured in routers 2010
Atneção that many are not supported because the algorithm has changed… If anyone knows of anything relating to this subject…

‘Hostei’ the files on a file server so as not to take up my valuable host space, in order to draw to register more quickly 😛 here:

Soon I will build a site of low resources (for mobile phone) to access this database, But how do they imagine this sai-Pocket me, Why, If someone want me to offer a few euros I thank, or if it is just a single euro (Who give me donations will soon have an offer)


ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part5.rar – 34.8 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part5.rar – 35.9 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part5.rar – 35.5 MB

At last – Thomson WIFI KEYs – New BD

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