Source code for watch tv online without advertising

As was already mentioned, with the lack of time and support stopped the development of this program, but now the source code is available to everyone ... If anyone wants to continue development and wants space online to advertise the program and share it with the world, I offer. Download Online TV […]

Tv online – abandonment

It is with some sadness that I give this project abandoned… Since I made the program that only saw half a dozen users interested in helping, but I noticed that a few hundred used… Soon I will make the program code available for anyone who wants to be able to use and continue watching TV without abuse […]

OnLine TV (v

First version publishes the work ­čÖé Online TV (without advertisements and waste) It is still in testing, and so this version works only during 2 weeks. I will continue to improve and try to add more channels. You can download the setup here or here , are 1 MB. To run you need to have the dotNET FrameWork 2.0 installed […]

Meteorological Station (Arduino ATMEGA328)

For some time I have been developing a weather station for the Clube de Voo Livre do Caramulo with internet connection to update in real time…. This spaghetti of wires is only one Arduino (changed to 20 MHz) with a network card based on the ENC28J60 chip (better than Wiz official), it is like this […]

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