Meo Hack

Thomson Keys – UPDATE

Recently traded a few emails with a person who showed me some information at least interesting: Good! Was to warn that there already exists a tool able to exploit the vulnerability. More info here: (have to be registered in order to be able to see the forum topic) or here (in English): = 1 # post213572 Best regards I haven't had it yet […]

Good news 🙂 THOMSON router key generator available online for all, and once again I have to thank the entire team at, with the support of them still with my site and some nonprofit projects (and without spending money I don't have). Thanks again […]

Thomson WIFI Pass Remember

There was already a site where we could get the lost keys of the routers THOMSON, but had a limit too stupid (by IP)… I updated my Base-of-data to have routers 2010 (except those with new algorithm), and is online, but still won't provide in General, need to do some tests. It is at this point that […]

Files from “Meo first hack”

The Ficehros who speak at are available here: A943C930d01.pdf – 1.4 MB MEO-Tiago .rar – 19.6 MB meoms_v1.tar.bz2 – 2 KB meoms_v2.tar.bz2 – 3 KB – 459 KB – 2.7 MB – 3.2 MB – 10 KB – 2.9 MB meostreambyhurley.rar – 6 KB NOTA: if any of these […]

At last – Thomson WIFI KEYs – New BD

Finally 🙂 I finally recreated the database of thomson routers wifi keys to include routers manufactured in 2010 Atneção that many are not supported because the algorithm has changed… If anyone knows of anything relating to this subject… ‘Hostei’ the files on a file server so as not to occupy […]

Thomson keygen-new

Basic super program done in .net ( 2005 express), sqlite database (3) and about 7 millions of possible networks to use ;). The program consists of a simple SQL query type: SELECT * FROM keys WHERE … A few seconds later comes the result, I've been playing on many networks […]

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