Online TV – google code

December 18th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, Linux, Programming, TV Online,

Online TV on google code.

For those who want to source code (functional), but those who want to test download here:

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Tv online free!

July 27th, 2012 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Debian, Intranet and Internet, Linux, Programming, projects, TV Online,

I'm almost finished this fabulous program and, need some staff to the test… If you are interested, send an email to with your information and why you are interested

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October 18th, 2011 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Linux

A year later (and some loose change misspent)… Now is the time to renew one of my micro vps, This was in

According to them, all services have a guaranteed uptime 99.9% – A huge lie – My machine had an uptime of less than 90% (at home I have better)

This simple post only serves as negative publicity to the worst host I have ever had the pleasure to pay and, Besides the machine constantly losing connection, net connection was slow, normally the maximum that could was a measly 600kapas per second…

Missing 2 days to have to make payment of the annuity, I tried to get in touch with their support, a few days later was told the ticket (that I scored as urgencia) and say it was all ok to test the server, I was impossible because once again it was off, I returned the answer and today, past one 4 or 5 days the ticket was closed for inactivity without me were given a reply…

Final evaluation: -1 (0 the 20) – Don't have decent customer support, don't have decent services, There are a number of free services to pay better than this!

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Jokes with a GSM modem

December 23rd, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Intranet and Internet, Linux, Programming, projects

This I decided to connect a GSM modem (bought at a auction site) and binds it to my mini Server…

I grabbed the card and is already REDE4, a micro guest book done without great job.

You can send SMS to 931 468 593 and the past few seconds you can see it on my site.

At last – Thomson WIFI KEYs – New BD

October 22nd, 2010 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Blog, Debian, Intranet and Internet, Linux, Meo Hack

finally 🙂

Finally've rebuilt the database cryptographic key wifi router thomson to include manufactured in routers 2010
Atneção that many are not supported because the algorithm has changed… If anyone knows of anything relating to this subject…

‘Hostei’ the files on a file server so as not to take up my valuable host space, in order to draw to register more quickly 😛 here:

Soon I will build a site of low resources (for mobile phone) to access this database, But how do they imagine this sai-Pocket me, Why, If someone want me to offer a few euros I thank, or if it is just a single euro (Who give me donations will soon have an offer)


ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-sh-sqlite3.part5.rar – 34.8 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x64.part5.rar – 35.9 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part1.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part2.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part3.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part4.rar – 52.5 MB
ThomsonKeys-x86.part5.rar – 35.5 MB

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Thomson Keys – IPHONE/LINUX

July 24th, 2009 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Intranet and Internet, Linux

Well, I have to go see some things related to IPHONES…

Like us that are unlocked are running linux, to have net membership for free you only need a simple script and the database of the keys…

#!/bin/shecho Use:
echo $0 0940343
echo SSID: Thomson08767 ...
echoecho $0 Network name without Thomsonechoif [[  $1 != "" ]]; thenecho the Network Procurarecho | Sql3 ThomsonKeys Passsqlite. <<EOFselect * from THOMSON where SSID LIKE ' $ 1 ' LIMIT 1;

As you can see, is simple, just install sqlite (v3) and run


and he will find the net in database displays the password.

Script for Linux and Iphone thomsonkeys-sh

Program in (windows .net 2.0) thomsonkeys-vb

Just missing the database 😉

Linux – apt-get with proxy

June 11th, 2009 by Miguel Ferreira | In: Debian

How many, I also never recall some basic things in linux, as I have been testing some virtual machines and how they are basically all the same, one solution is to pass the requests of these by a proxy, but as? No longer reminded me of how to configure apt to use a proxy, I searched on google and after a few failed tests found 🙂 :

Edit the file “//etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf” and add the following:

Acquire {
http {
Proxy “http://user:pass @ YourProxyServer:door/”;
No-Cache “false”;
Max-Age “86400”;
In-Store “false”;

Close and is already 🙂

Another way is to configure the whole system (from the user's point of view) to use a specific proxy, and this makes as follows:

Edit the file ~/.bashrc

and at the end paste:

export http_proxy = http://user:pass @ proxy:port/
export ftp_proxy = http://user:pass @ proxy:port/

Close, log out and login and you're done.

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